Shri Vithal Education & Research Institute's

Accredited by NAAC, NBA (Four UG Programmes- CSE, E&TC, Mech, & Civil till 30-06-2023) & Institute of Engineers (INDIA)

4.1.3 : Classrooms and Seminar halls with ICT- enabled facilities Back
Sr.No Room Type Room number Type of ICT Facility Link to geo tagged photos
LCD projector (Y/ N) LAN (Y/ N) Smart Board (Y/ N)
Dept : Mechanical Engineering
1 Class Room1 MF515 Y Y N MF515
2 Class Room2 MF516 Y Y N MF516
3 Class Room3 MF517 Y Y N MF517
4 Class Room4 MF518 Y Y N MF518
5 Class Room5 MF519 Y Y N MF519
6 Class Room6 MF520 Y Y N MF520
7 Seminar Hall-1 MF317 Y Y N MF317
8 International Conference Hall Y Y N Conference Hall
Dept : Computer Science and Engineering
1 Class Room1 MF501 Y N N MF501
2 Class Room2 MF504 Y N N MF504
3 Class Room3 MF505 Y N N MF505
4 Class Room4 MF509 Y N N MF509
5 Class Room5 MF511 Y Y N MF511
6 Class Room6 MF403 Y Y N MF403
7 Computer Centre MF406 N Y Y MF406
8 Seminar Hall MF405 Y Y N MF405
Dept : Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
1 Class Room1 MF417 Y Y N MF417
2 Class Room2 MF418 Y Y N MF418
3 Class Room3 MF419 Y Y N MF419
4 Class Room4 MF423 Y Y N MF423
5 Class Room5 MF424 Y Y N MF424
Dept : Civil Enginering
1 Class Room1 MF324 Y Y N MF324
2 Class Room2 MF326 Y Y N MF326
3 Class Room3 MF327 Y Y N MF327
4 Class Room4 MF318 Y Y N MF318
Dept : Electrical Engineering
1 Class Room1 MPB405 Y Y N MPB405
2 Class Room2 MPB406 N Y N MPB406
3 Class Room3 MPB407 N Y N MPB407
Dept : General Science and Engineering
1 Class Room1 MF315 Y Y N MF315
2 Class Room2 MF321 Y Y N MF321
3 Class Room3 MF319 Y Y N MF319
4 Class Room4 MF305 N Y N MF305
5 Class Room5 MF320 Y Y N MF320
6 Class Room6 MF311 Y Y N MF311
Dept : Master in Business Administration
1 Class Room1 WF103 Y Y N WF103
2 Class Room2 WF-201 Y Y N WF201
3 Computer Lab. WF104 N Y N WF104